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In Pennsylvania, a person who has the legal authority to perform notarial acts is referred to as a:
A PA Notary must be at least _________ years of age ?
Frank is fluent in Italian. However, if he wants to become a Pennsylvania notary public, he must also:
An individual may not become a PA notary public if they are:
What branch of the Pennsylvania State government is responsible for handling notary public appointments?
An individual may be ineligible to become an appointed notary public if they:
Mary lives and works in Ohio. However, she is planning to move to Pennsylvania. Could Mary complete a notary education course and submit her application to the State to become an appointed notary public by the time she moves to the Commonwealth ?
John is a lawyer with offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Would John be eligible to become a PA notary public?
Five years ago, Conner was an elected official. However, he lost his bid to be re-elected. Many voters said they believed he did not have the character to serve in public office. Would Conner be eligible to become a PA notary public?
An individual who was convicted of a felony offense who now wants to become a Pennsylvania notary public may be able to obtain an appointment if they can
If someone has committed any of the following acts, they may be ineligible for the office of notary public?
Catherine is a British citizen; however, she recently became a permanent legal resident of the United States. Would Catherine be eligible for a Pennsylvania notary public appointment?
Kathleen received a notary course completion certificate on October 10, 2029. On what date will her course completion certificate expire?
On July 8, 2025, Tanya successfully passed the PA notary exam. Unfortunately, due to her busy schedule, she failed to complete the necessary steps to become a commissioned notary public. Tanya will have to retake the notary exam if she doesn't resubmit her notary application by what date?
Mike is applying to become a PA notary. His birth certificate states that his legal first name is Michael. However, since he is commonly known as Mike, can he list 'Mike' as his first name when filling out his application?
Before submitting your application to become a PA notary public, you must:
Matt, a licensed real estate broker in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, is also a commissioned PA notary. Matt submitted an application to renew his PA notary commission. However, he failed to disclose that his New Jersey real estate license was previously suspended for 90 days. How will that impact Matt's PA notary commission?
After completing an approved PA notary education course, how long do you have before you can submit your application to the Dept. of State?
Carol resides in Delaware County but works in Philadelphia County. Her employer has sponsored her to become a notary public for the purpose of notarizing documents at their Philadelphia office. Since Carol's workplace is in Philadelphia, is she only authorized to perform notarizations within Philadelphia's boundaries?
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