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If You Have a Conviction
You May Still Qualify To Become a PA Notary

To become an appointed Notary Public in Pennsylvania, the Department of State will evaluate your character to ensure that you have the moral capacity to perform notarial duties ethically and responsibly. 

The Department will not appoint an applicant who has criminal convictions.

However, there are some exceptions.

Exceptions To The Rule

An exception is based on the belief that individuals who have committed minor crimes in the past can be trusted to perform the duties of a notary public with honesty and integrity.

Applicants who have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of the fifth degree or lower may still be eligible for appointment as a notary public if they have been pardoned or had their civil rights restored.

Also, in extraordinary circumstances, if an individual has been convicted of crimes involving fraud, dishonesty, or deceit is able to show clear and convincing evidence that they have made full rehabilitation they may be eligible to become a Pennsylvania notary public. 

To learn more about the Commonwealth’s notary public eligibility requirements grab your free copy of our 2023 PA Notary Appointment Guide.

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