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Who determines the fees for notaries public?
Can a notary public charge a fee higher than the one fixed by the Department of State?
What is the fee for administering an oath or affirmation?
The fees earned by a notary public belong to:
Where should a notary public display their fee schedule?
In addition to notary public fees, can a notary public charge additional fees for clerical or administrative services?
How much does a notary public charge for taking an acknowledgment?
What should a notary public do if a person utilizing their services requests information about the fees?
If you waive your notarial fee, are you still required to make a record of the notarial act in your journal?
How much does a notary public charge for certifying or attesting a copy or deposition?
What is the fee for noting a protest of a negotiable instrument per page?
Jan, a mobile notary, went to a hospital to notarize documents for a customer. She charged a $100 travel fee in addition to $5 for an affidavit and $5 to attest a signature. How should these charges be reflected on the receipt?
If more than one person takes an acknowledgement can a notary public charge an additional fee?
Kelise works for a real estate investment firm. Her employer paid for her to become a notary public. A client of the firm is paying $50 to have Kelise notarize several documents. Who is entitled to the $50 fee for notary services?
Kylie had an affidavit and an acknowledgment notarized. After the notarizations were complete, the notary provided Kylie with a receipt stating: “Notarial Services $10.” Was Kylie given a proper receipt?
Victoria works as a notary at an insurance agency. Where should a list of her administrative fees be displayed?
Mark attested signatures for two different customers. He charged the first customer $5. However, he did not charge the second customer for attesting a signature. According to the Dept., is this acceptable?
Ms Delaney has been a notary public for over twenty years. Citing the cost of inflation, she decided to increase her notary fees. Her employer and her customers agree with her. Is she within the confines of the PA notary law?
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