How quickly must you inform the Department if your address, name, or email address changes?
How soon before your current commission expires do you need to apply for notary reappointment?
After being appointed, within how many days must you secure your bond, oath, and record your signature at the county office?
How soon before your commission expires must you complete an approved continuing education course for reappointment?
If your official stamp is lost or stolen, how soon must you notify the Department?
When you change your legal name, how soon must you notify the Department?
For a change in office address, you must inform the Department within:
If your notary commission expires, how long do you have to notify the Department of State when you no longer live or work in Pennsylvania?
You must obtain a $10,000 surety bond within how many days after being appointed?
Is it true that you must record each notarization act in your journal to avoid sanctions by the Department of State?
How many days do you have to notify the Department of State when your official stamp has been lost or stolen?
When moving your office to a different county, you must register your signature in the new county's prothonotary's office within:
If you resign your commission, how soon must you notify the Department of State?
What is the timeframe for you to disable your stamping device upon resignation?
You must deliver your journal to the recorder of deeds in your county within how many days of resignation?
If you neither reside nor work in Pennsylvania, you are deemed to have resigned as of the date:
To update your email address, notification must be made within:
Before using a new legal name in notarial work, what step must you take?
Applications for reappointment to the office of notary public should be filed how many days prior to the expiration of the current commission?
If your commission expires and you do not reapply before expiration, what must you do to obtain a new commission?
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