Many PA Driver’s Licenses issued between November 2014 to February 2015 did not have the proper security image on the front, according to PennDot, who arranged to correct the error made by it’s vendors, MorphoTrust USA and its subcontractor OpSec.

PennDot’s Secretary for Driver and Vehicle Services, Kurt J. Myers, issued a statement saying,

“Because of the flawed security feature, the original license may not be accepted as proof of identification when scanned by black light devices. ‚ÄúHowever, this issue should not impact security checks by the Transportation Security Administration at airports since TSA references a different security feature on the license or identification card in its verification process.”
PennDOT expects to identify holders of the defective licenses over the next week and will be mailing replacement driver’s licenses to affected drivers at no cost to the drivers. When they receive the replacement license, they should destroy the original license.
While PennDOT is still determining the number of impacted licenses they have not¬† provided any details if the faulty ID’s are easy for scammers to reproduce. Notaries who are asked to verify the identity of persons whom they do not know, who present a defective license, can suggest that their customers return for notarization¬†after they recieve their free replacements.